Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Creation Requires Waiting and Action

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Much of the time when you’re writing or creating something, you don’t know what the next step is. There is some mysteriousness to the process. An image flashes into your consciousness or you see something and it triggers a memory. Just go with it. Begin with what rises to your awareness. Out of it the next step will appear. But first you must act on what comes up.

Writing about this way of creation came to me as I followed an idea that rose up. I was thinking about how yesterday I felt my mother near me and how the floodgates opened and I just cried for a while. I was grieving the loss of her as well as the loss of what my family might have been if things turned out differently.

As I followed the line of thought about what happened yesterday, another idea arose. The first thought came as I was quietly opening to ideas to write about. That idea led to another one about working with what comes up and how that will lead you to the next thing or idea.

In the beginning, creation is more about waiting though action is crucial in the full unfoldment of something. Action is what comes between periods of waiting and wondering. Creation requires patience to allow ideas to rise, and it requires action to bring those ideas to fruition. Action is processing. This is where it gets rather mysterious, but it feels as though with each step the next one appears.

When we don’t act, we become blocked. We try to figure out what to do next, but we can’t know until we’ve taken just one small, inspired step. The idea itself is your inspiration. Let it move you. Often we feel we have to figure out every step immediately. This is where we begin planning the whole process. We don’t need to plan. The idea just has to be processed through us in order for us to begin to see it better. All that takes is one simple step at a time. The big picture is the idea itself. We have something to aim for, but we don’t need to plan every step. To do so jams up the process and what wanted to be born gets replaced with what we think it should be and we’ll have missed the chance to experience something more beautiful than we could ever plan.

Life is like this. I can have a vision for my future, but then what? Often we try to figure out what to do next. The idea came and now we feel we have to create a plan of action. But really all we need to do is take one step towards that vision. You can’t see through the fog unless you step into it. Once we do, another idea about the next step will show itself. All we need to do is see just a little more. This seeing stirs all that lives within and the next step rises to meet us. It simply grows out of the movement and what was stirred within us. Sometimes that first step will bring something or someone to us that will be the next step. It will unfold more perfectly than we could ever plan it if we allow it to.

Yesterday, I was stirred by memories and feelings rising out of the pain. I simply let them move me and move through me and now can breathe a little better. By letting it all move, by taking the step to open to what came up, blockages were removed.

We are being and we are process. We are the unfoldment of Life Itself. We are created and creators moved by Eternal Being. We are the mysteriousness of Life, of Love. Let it be and all is revealed.

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