Wednesday, September 12, 2018

From the Other Side

On Monday, I did a ritual in which I imagined putting my past behind me as I walked through the threshold into the future. The actual threshold I used to represent the one into the future was at the top of two steps that leads into my office. It seemed fitting that I was walking into my future represented by the place where I create.

Our lives are about crossing into the unknown and creating as we go. Sometimes creation is more like remembering or it rises up out of the subterranean Mind as I put it in something I wrote and just sent out for publication.

That was Monday. It’s now the past and I’m leaving it behind to make sure every day I meet the abyss before me by being in the present. Too often I find myself caught in what happened and worried I did the wrong thing or I’m making up a story about something that isn’t even true.

The me that has crossed over catches what I’m doing and is kind about it. It’s important to save my energy for the real work. And that’s not writing. The real work is me. I’ve walked into another reality where I’m confident and I write and send my work out. I’ve walked into a reality of my own making. I create it in each moment. I know who I am and act from there.

There is no going back. I’m on the other side and though the past is a part of me it is not at the forefront of my life. It doesn’t get to control me anymore. What happens next is up to me in the present.

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